Genuine gratitude in emails

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We’ve been using emails to communicate with other professionals at the workplace. And we’ve been taught to make it as formal as possible. We reread it a couple of times to make sure that everything sounds formal, even in our heads before we press send.

And for years I’ve been doing professional email, I think I have mistaken the idea of being ‘professional’ as becoming ‘less human’. I thought that when you talk to professionals through emails, you must be devoid of human emotions. I thought that you should always sound like this:

This email contains the files you requested yesterday.
I hope for your feedback as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Then one day, I decided to become more human in my emails. I began talking to people in emails just as I would speak to them in person.

And the moment I decided to become myself, things started to change. People got more responsive and more human the day I became genuinely grateful to them in my emails.

So if you’ve been doing your emails ‘professionally’ like how I’ve defined it earlier, then maybe it’s time to give it some flavor by becoming human again. It doesn’t mean that since we’re communicating in 1’s and 0’s across the internet, we should become less human and start to talk like computers do.

We are human for a reason. And that means that we should not detach ourselves from being one, even in our emails. Remember, the person you’re talking with at the other end of the screen is also human, full of life, just like you.

That’s what’s I’ve got to say today.

Thank you so much for reading this, and I hope this resonates.

Go and send that email.

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