The false impression of a diploma

Just because you graduated with a certain degree, you feel that you are already good about it. But right after you got your first job or every time you work on a new task, you begin to ask yourself, “How do I start?

It’s mainly because throughout your years in school, you were taught to ace the tests. Often times, you are instructed to solve a problem that wouldn’t matter a year from now. But acing the tests do not tell much about your creativity to solve a real problem. Real problems allow you to learn about how much you know by knowing how much you don’t.

Do not be discouraged if it takes time to learn something while others can do it at light speed. Because it’s not about how fast or slow you are to catch up, but instead, it’s about your desire to learn and willingness to become better at something. It’s about doing something only you can actually contribute. Something that leads to change.

If you think that just by having a piece of paper makes you become somebody, then you are on your race to the bottom. To become somebody, you really have to work for it. So the next time you are confronted with something new at work, be humble enough to learn. Most of the time, the fools are the ones who shun learning. Why? Because they think they are already too good to learn something new. And it’s their arrogance that blinds them from seeing the truth.

The mind of the prudent [always] acquires knowledge,
And the ear of the wise [always] seeks knowledge.
Proverbs 18:15 AMP

Here’s the start of learning something new.

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