They are the ones to blame

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It’s easy to blame the teachers for teaching poorly. When you get a poor grade or have not understood the lesson as fast as the other person in the class did, blame the teacher. We’ve all done this. It’s easy to blame the teachers for the things we should’ve compensated with because they are the ones who are supposed to teach us. It’s easy to blame the teachers because we see them as people we paid to learn, like hired workers devoid of feelings.

I paid you to teach me, so you should teach me with all my money’s worth.”

Maybe you’re right. Perhaps that particular teacher could’ve done better. That instead of telling you things you can look up for yourself over the internet, teachers should be helping you how to think. How to solve problems. Teach you something you cannot find on the internet.

But you did not know that’s what you needed that time. You just know something is wrong, that something has to change. And the easiest route to take is to blame someone.

Someone has to be accountable.

But maybe, instead of looking outward, you should start looking inward. Instead of finding someone to be accountable for your learning and growth, it’s time to be responsible for yourself.

It’s easy to blame the teachers for the things you should’ve compensated with, but let’s be honest. There’s no end to a blame game. Pointing fingers will always come around, and the next thing you know, you’re it. However, you can compensate for the things you have control over with, such as learning more. Because that’s your role as a student. To seek more learning and dig deeper beyond what’s given available to you.

And this goes beyond blaming teachers.

This is about blaming other people about things you can do something about. It’s time to make yourself accountable.

That’s my rant. Thanks for your time.

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