You can’t be best in everything

Some people may convince you that to perform better at work, you have to know many things. Maybe, it works. But I think it only works in the short-run. Eventually, you will find yourself too distracted to focus on one thing and become the best at it.

People may tell you that to be a jack of all trades is what will make you outstand. However, it is better to be very good at one thing than know only a little about everything.

And why waste all your time learning to fly when you are built to swim?

Do not ask a fish to fly. Instead, encourage it to swim better.

I think it’s also the same in the workplace. Instead of doing everything yourself, learn to ask help from others who are already competent in that area you want to accomplish. What’s the use of the years they spent to become experts at it? Else, you risk delivering mediocre work. And people are smart enough to distinguish mediocre work. No one wants mediocre work. All of us want what’s best.

So learn to delegate. Focus on what you’re already good at. And strive to become the best at it.

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