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With the computers almost turned ‘on’ throughout the day, it gets easy to do many things in one sitting. You often find yourself do useless work just so you would look like you’re busy.

But what does it really mean to work these days? Long hours in front of the computer screen? Then accomplishing what?

If you are wasting most of the hours of your day doing nonsensical work, then here’s something to think about.

You do not need long hours of computer work to finish something. Unless you are writing code to defend your country from cyber espionage? I think that some of those times you spend your day with are just trivial work, boondoggle. If that is the case, do not wake up those who already did the real work during the day. Help them protect the remaining hours of their day and let them rest in the evenings. Just because you finally decided to stop doing useless work in the day and start the real work in the evenings doesn’t mean that other people have to keep up with you. Don’t you think they need some sleep too?

Learn to distinguish the difference between day and night when dealing with people who work while the sun is up. Unless they signed up for a nightshift work, feel free to bother them in the evenings.

But …

People who really think they are doing work for the benefit of others never do trivial work. They make sure that they do not waste hours for nothing. When they stop working, that is only to give themselves time to rest and repeats the cycle.

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