Vague job descriptions lead to job frustrations

Ducks are supposed to quack like a duck. If they don’t, then they must be pretending to be one. It also means that they are hiding something or are not even sure about what they are.

But I really don’t want to talk about ducks.

I want to talk about you before you take your job interview. When the interviewers tell you to ask them questions, you should make room for this one:

What are my expected deliverables if I get accepted in this job?

If they can state the expectations clearly during the interview, you know what you’ll be dealing with once you are accepted for the job. When the goals are clearly communicated to you from the start, then you can assess your performance from time to time once you are in the position.

But if the goals were not made clear initially, my friend, that’s already a red flag. Uncommunicated goals will only lead to your disappointments later on in the job. Why? Because you will keep on working without knowing what should really be accomplished. You will be clueless about where you’re heading. And when you don’t know where you’re supposed to go, you will become lost and become unmotivated to move forward. Why? Because it will appear that there’s nowhere to go anymore.

So before you become frustrated about your future job, be clear about the company’s expectations from you.

Remember, ducks are supposed to quack like a duck. The same goes for jobs. Jobs that will help you grow clearly communicate to you how you will grow and move forward.

I hope this helps, and thanks for your time.

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