Ideas are not scarce anymore

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The ideas I have are easy to share. That’s why I don’t charge people to read what I write in this blog. Because if I will, they can quickly get it somewhere else. I am sure I am not the only one who thought about the things I was able to write. All the things I was able to write came from what I’ve read, learned, and experienced. It’s like storytelling. You don’t ask people for money just so they can hear the story you’d like to share, right? Here’s the reason why I started blogging.

But if you think of starting a blog to make money. Go ahead. But here’s something to think about, especially when you are still beginning:

Charging your idea with money only adds friction to your idea and keeps your idea from being spread.

So if you have an idea, go share it for free.

Seth Godin, an author I’ve come to read a lot, strongly advocates on sharing his works for free. He even said that the real enemy of ideas is not piracy but obscurity.

And sharing your art for free is not really a new idea. Think about Napster and Facebook. If you’ve watched the movie The Social Network, then you sure have heard about them. If they have charged people to use their programs during the early stages of their work, we sure wouldn’t have heard about their programs. Think about Google. Their success is also attributed to sharing their programs for free! What’s familiar with all of them is that they only charge you when you want something more from their services, which only they can offer.

So if you’re just sharing ideas like what I do in my blog posts, consider sharing them for free.

Via Unleashing the Ideavirus:
But ideas not only replicate easily and well, they get more powerful and more valuable as you deliver them to more people.

And did I say that Seth Godin gives away some of his works for free?

Feel free to download a copy of his book and remember that after you read the book, share it with anyone you know.

Thank you so much for spending your time reading about what I have to say.

Let’s keep good ideas spreading!

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