The reason why I start blogging

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If you want to start a blog just because some people said you can make money out of it, go look for answers elsewhere. This is not the blog post for you.

Have I ever thought about it? Yes, I did. It would be nice to get paid just by doing your art. But in hindsight, if I will do it for money, it will eventually become work. And I am not writing for work. I am writing because I believe that ideas worth sharing should be out in the world to help other people who might need them.

Am I blogging for the money?

NO, I don’t. We’re even paying to keep this site free from ads. (And of course, we really want to have our own dot com). Isn’t it nice to have a personal space online you can call yours? It’s also the same feeling you get when you’ve finally bought a lot to build your house instead of just renting out.

So why am I blogging (you ask)?

If you’ve been reading our blog posts for some time now, you should’ve noticed on the author’s note that “I am just writing for pleasure” at the end of every post. But if you’ve never reached the last part of every blog post I wrote (because you never read them through the end), here’s what it looks like:

I am writing for pleasure, and I mean what I wrote. I have too much technical workload on my hands that writing about something else not relating to my profession becomes a pleasure I get to enjoy. However, I have to admit that my journey only began there. My reason for blogging eventually evolved.

I am not really new to writing stuff online. I used to write stories and publish them through way back when I was in my fourth year of high school. It was a good community, at least for me back then, where I can interact with people (who are into writing like me) from different parts of the world. Coming from a small city in the Philippines, it was overwhelming to be connected with the greater world outside my own. But I wanted to have my own space online, not a rented one. So from there, I explored another platform whose name I can’t even remember anymore (because it closed down due to lack of funds to keep it online). That also meant I have to delete my site under their platform. Then, I came across but eventually grew out of it because I felt it really wasn’t a place for my writing. I kept on looking for a platform where I can finally own a small space online, and that’s when I found I never left since.

So you see, I’ve been blogging for quite a while now. Here’s a timeline to show you my story.

  • (2010)

    I joined around mid-2010. This is where I learned to publish my stories online, enter writing contests, and collaborate with aspiring writers around the world. I continued to use my account until early January 2015.

  • (2014)

    I started in WordPress around November of 2014. This was my first ever (free) website where I published poems for three straight years. I was in my third year in college then, and writing was my way to relieve stress.

    However, I lost the knack of writing poems three years later because I felt better off writing stories. I felt the need to overhaul everything I built.

  • (2017)

    I reserved this domain name three years ago, hoping that this will be the place I will eventually publish stories. But I never put this (free) website live. There were so many transitions within the year: from my first job to my admission for graduate studies. So this domain never went live until I was on my last semester. It was a combination of free time and stress from working on my thesis that propelled me to finally put this to work.

  • (2019)

    So this domain never went live until I was on in the final semester of my graduate studies. It was a combination of free time and stress from working on my thesis that propelled me to finally put this to work. So yeah, I was working on my thesis and blogging (whenever I can). You can read my first ever blog post here.

  • (2019)

    After graduating from masters and having my job, it felt like this year was the time to finally buy my own dotcom. (Mainly because I can finally afford it with the help of my boyfriend, who is responsible for proofreading every blog post I publish). Yes, I need someone to check my work because often, I am already too familiar with my drafts that I can’t see what needs to be improved anymore.

  • (present) you are here now

    Thank you for going back with me through memory lane.
    Thank you for also making time to read whatever I have to say.

It’s not just about blogging.

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. If you want to know the story, you can read it here.

Growing up, I really want my works published and read. Through technology, I do not need to go through gatekeepers and a lot of money to get published. What I only needed was to find a platform where I can write my thoughts and publish my work.

I started blogging ten years ago. And yes, I still write for pleasure. I think I will still do in the years to come. I have to admit that writing my thoughts really helped me present my ideas into something others can relate to.

But here’s something you need to think about. I started with the following reasons, and they might be your reason why you want to start blogging too:

  • I want to start a blog because I want to be heard.
  • I have something to say, and I want to be heard.

However, I believe your reasons shouldn’t remain that way. Because there is so much clutter on the web now, this blog post may even seem like a speck of dust. Sure, someone will read your work. Even if it is just one person who will read your work on the other side of the screen, always strive to produce valuable content—something that adds value to the reader and something that will make you a blessing in their lives.

Do not let unwholesome [foul, profane, worthless, vulgar] words ever come out of your mouth, but only such speech as is good for building up others, according to the need and the occasion, so that it will be a blessing to those who hear [you speak].
Ephesians 4:29 AMP

So if you want to start blogging, you better start now. I am pretty sure that back then, I don’t write the way I do now. As the old saying goes, practice makes you better. And that is still true today.

That’s what I’ve got to say.

I hope this helps.

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