Knowing when to stop working

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These days, with most of us working from home, it’s becoming a struggle to stop working. When should we call it a day? Five in the afternoon? Nine in the evening? Around the clock, we’ve been in front of our computer screens. But only some of us are doing actual work. For the rest of us, we are just hopping between tabs, wasting time as early as eight in the morning. Yet, we still call it ‘work’.

But staring at our blaring screens for eight hours a day is not work. It’s simply wasting time.

So the next time you switch on your computer, make sure to finish substantial work. It doesn’t matter how long it took you to do the work. What matters is you’ve done your work. Only call it a day when you actually finished something you ought to finish for the day.

We need to acknowledge that it’s time to establish new work arrangements now that most of us are working from home. It’s time to create new habits because there’s no getting around work from home arrangement any time soon. We can assume that it will stay for a while, so we must learn how to adapt without burning out in the process.

But you will never know when to stop working and call it a day when you did not set the task you should be doing for the day in the first place. So start with making a list of tasks, spread them out throughout your week, and make sure to check-off something every day.

Because of course, you will never know when to stop working when you did not start the work all along.

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