I’m sorry about today

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

There are sunny days. There are rainy days. But this particular day, it’s both. I know the day was kind of a rush the moment I got out of my bed at exactly 9:20 in the morning.

I had my reasons why I stayed up late and woke up late but this is not what it’s all about.

I am writing because I am sorry about all the things that did not go well today. I felt like I was just in the motion of things, ebbing away and flowing back to where I began. Maybe you had this kind of day too, where you’re just sorry about being unable to do what you’re supposed to do. And the saddest part is, you’ve got no one to talk about it. One who is willing to listen to all the things you cannot say out loud. Not until someone reaches out.

And as you begin to open up, you start to learn that someone is willing to show you and lead you to a different perspective. That today doesn’t just end here. That you actually can go out of the cloud above your head and move to the bright side of things. That there is room for growth. That there is room for forgiveness.

If that’s what you need to, be brave. Be brave enough to forgive yourself. Because today doesn’t just end here.

Yes, I am sorry about today and maybe you are too.

But today doesn’t end here. Another day will be coming in a few hours. We can always start again. Let’s start again.

See you tomorrow.

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