When life throws you off balance

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Weddings take tremendous planning.

And I’ve seen a lot of wedding plans thrown off this year. Months of careful planning to make their special day the best day it can possibly be turned into something engaged couples never thought about, lest considered. No one ever thought of a global pandemic happening but it did.

In this short life, you have to admit that you are so accustomed to planning. You’ve planned out your future so well you even already thought about what to become when you’re 30. But there are just times when life throws you off balance.

I was able to catch up with a dear friend one night. Together with her fiancé, they’ve been starting to plan out their wedding too. Not only that, they already sorted out some details. However, the pandemic affected their planning just like everybody else. She said that it felt like they’re coasting as of the moment.

Out of curiosity, I asked her about how they’re handling the situation. What impressed me the most is their ability to think of possible courses of action to make the wedding possible, whatever the situation might be.

This blog post is not about how to plan a wedding when things don’t seem to go as initially planned. I think there’s no wedding that really go as planned. There will always be a surprise element in every wedding because you cannot just please everybody.

But what this blog post is about is that as human beings, we have the ability to adapt to any situation. It’s always a choice to move forward regardless of what situation or environment you’re in.

Planning can be exhausting; even frustrating when it seems that everything you do is not working out. However, I believe that when you plan, you must not rely on your abilities alone. You must also learn to be flexible, always having alternative courses of actions.

So what to do with your plans when life throws you off balance? Commit your plans to the Lord.

Commit your works to the Lord [submit and trust them to Him],
And your plans will succeed [if you respond to His will and guidance].
Proverbs 16:3 AMP

When you trust God with your plans and respond to his will and guidance, it comes with a promise. The success of your plans are not solely dependent on your situation or circumstance. So the next time you plan, submit them to God. Even if life throws you off balance, you are certain that your plans will succeed.

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