The unsaid things

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There are moments that you get to live through but can never go back to. Why? Because they’re over. But sometimes, it’s nice to go back through memories (good memories) over and over again. And the more you think about them, the more you see the nuances you haven’t noticed the first time.

The smiles, the gestures, and the unsaid things.

Maybe there have been a lot of unsaid things during that moment. And if you allow them to be, such things can change the course of your life, together. However, you suppressed the words you deeply longed to say, words you wish they knew.

You could have told that person something, anything, that could’ve made them stay.

Yet, you chose to keep them into yourself. Because they are things better left unsaid.

There are moments you wish could be longer. But there’s nothing you can do about them. Everything is time-bounded. However, what you can do is make every moment count. Even if they’re not meant to last.

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