Facebook LIVE: consistency leads to financial certainty

I’ve never tried participating in any Facebook live before. But this time, I grabbed the opportunity when asked by my friend Claydie (a financial advisor from the Philippines), and for good reason.

The topic was about saving.

I came from an average wage-earner family. Raised only by my mama (because my papa died when I was a month old; here’s the story), we had a lot of financial constraints. That meant that my sister and I do not really experience lavish things like other children do. But we had enjoyed our childhood, enough to say that our mama did everything she can to provide for us.

Because we did not have much, I learned how to save every peso I get from my mama or from relatives (from birthday gifts or Christmas presents). I saved them so that I have something to buy whatever my mama cannot buy for me. That’s how I saved money.

Is that how you save money too?

If you are saving only to spend it for your wants is not sustainable in the long run. You must also save during the good years in preparation for the hard times. I am just glad I learned about it somewhat earlier in life.

From the Facebook live stream, we discussed the importance of saving the right way and how it can help us through economic cycles (the good- and bad-times).

To watch the video playback, here’s the link.

To get connected with Claydie and learn more about financial literacy, here’s the link to her Facebook Page.

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