Too much online meetings now, right?

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(This was written in the time of coronavirus pandemic.)

Why are we doing all these online meetings? Because we missed all the physical interactions we used to do together: smiles, laughter, handshakes, and embraces. But we cannot do that now, not yet (Not anymore? I hope not.)

So we tried to compensate what we miss by doing online meetings from time to time. And now, there’s too much meetings online. But I have to say that online interactions can never replace the physical ones. I know you will never read this but I miss you, every one of you.

I also understand that meetings are not always productive. Mostly, they are a waste of time. Conversations are better, yes, catching up with one another.

So maybe that’s what we should do next time. Let’s have online conversations. And before we end it, we must arrive into something, a conclusion of some sort. In that way, we are more productive.

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