I used my phone in monochrome and here’s what happened

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We’re so used to using our phones in technicolor. I think that’s what makes them attractive; where vivid bright colors make virtual realities more fun and engaging even done in isolation. And because these colors make the mobile experience alluring, we tend to spend more and more time using them.

Admit it, there’s this feeling that at some point, we are addicted to our mobile phones. We get this urge of checking them out from time to time even when there’s no notification for us to check. Notification bubbles are red for a reason.

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Thinking about how to get out of this downward spiral of mobile phone addiction, I searched for ways on how to limit my time spent on mobile phone and came across with something new. I encountered some articles which featured Tristan Harris, a revolutionary for humane technology, where he suggests that setting up our phones into monochrome (grayscale) can curb mobile phone addiction. If there are quite a number of articles written about it, it must be something of a buzz.

So I tried it out. I set up my phone into monochrome for three weeks (until now) and here’s what happened.

On the first day, I got a terrible headache. Yes. My world seemed to spin around every time I tried to use my phone in black and white. I literally wanted to either press my eyeballs in or gouge them out. That bad. Who would want to check their phone with that kind of pain? Good thing it just lasted for a day.

On the second day, my eyes finally adjusted to the blandness of it all and I was surprised how it felt like time travel to me; thinking about mainstream media in black and white. Eventually as the days passed, I used my phone less and less. The phone is not just that fun to use anymore. Well, at least I realized that colors play some role regarding the intimacy we have with our phones.

And for a whole week, I can finally use my phone like I normally would (for communication). As I spent less and less time with my phone to occasionally check social media messages, I noticed a change in me. Since the colors around me are more inviting and alive in contrast to what my phone can offer, I started to spend more time doing everything else than mindlessly scrolling through social media feed. That first week was my most productive week during the quarantine season.

I tried to use my phone in full colors even for just less than an hour and got terrible headaches. I guess that my eyes were taking time to switch from one mode to the next. If you want to try it out, you’ve been warned.

So I am starting my fourth week now using my phone in monochrome. And yes, it helped me spend less time with my phone and more time with what really matters.

Do you want to give it a try?

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