The challenge of having webinars in the time of coronavirus is …

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… the internet.

Yes, the internet. I have attended two webinars today, both moderated in Asia, and both experienced problems due to the internet connection. Thinking about webinars, I was expecting the kind of video conferencing like those in the movies with smooth thought exchanges and no connectivity interruptions. But my experience was far from the movies. Maybe it’s because I am in Asia? Or was it because the distribution network is having too much traffic since there are a lot of webinars happening today and most people are online because of the quarantine?

If most of our interactions are to shift online to accommodate whatever ‘new normal’ means after the coronavirus situation, are we ready? Are we ready in terms of infrastructure? I also wonder how shifting online creates a divide between people who have internet access and those who haven’t. Will this shift of human interactions online (like webinars) leave a lot people behind?

Whoever you are reading this, if you have responses to these random thoughts, I would like to hear from you. Know that I am just an email away.

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