Why do I feel so unproductive this quarantine season?

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This question has bothered me for some time and if you are reading this, you’re likely pondering the same thing and you want to know why.

I never realized the answer until I observed the patterns I do everyday for the whole month of being in quarantine. How do you spend your day? Do you just wake up everyday and let your day unfold, without any structure to follow through? Do you just wait until any interesting activity comes in your mind and then that’s what you’ll be doing for the rest of the day? Do you just allow yourself to react to every stimulus that comes your way? Or do you initiate something, create?

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Because we don’t have much choice but to be locked up in our own spaces, in obedience with the imposed community quarantine, we often feel unproductive as the days pass. However, I come to know that we actually have a choice on how to make the most of our days while in lock down.

What actually makes us feel unproductive everyday is the lack of structure on how to approach every single day for the rest of the quarantine. Some of us are so caught up with the things they cannot control that they forgot to act on the things they can control.

So there you go. To start becoming productive, create a structure on how you should live out your quarantined life. Plan out your week. Identify the things you really want to achieve, break them down into doable tasks, then spread them out like an everyday to-do-list throughout the week. Assign time-blocks for every task so that you can track whether you are on schedule. You can even go as detailed as planning your meals for the day. This helps you restrain yourself from mindlessly eating your day like a fattened pig in an isolated pen (which kind of sounds true). Schedule your breaks. Doing so will help you focus on whatever task you ought to finish within a given time-block you set.

But it really doesn’t end with just making a structure. You have to do an evaluation at the end of the day and at the end of the week. Did you finish the tasks you set that day? Did you achieve the goals you set that week. If the answer for both questions is yes, only then will you ever feel productive.

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