How to end your day well?

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I am not sure if you will be able to read this post (maybe no one will). But I write because I need to show up, hoping that someone, anyone, even just one, can find this post, read it, and be changed. One mind at a time.

This is a tough season, to begin with. Being locked down in the house, it gets challenging to define when your workday ends and when your time of rest begins. Right now, I am practically locked in a space, enough to move in and breathe. But not enough to dismiss the fact that I am locked inside. Are you in the comfort of your home? I am glad if you are but if we’re in the same situation, you can understand what I am talking about.

How do you end your day during this quarantine season?

I’ve been trying to figure out for the whole month of being locked down what is the best way to end the day well. With that I mean that you get to conclude the day satisfied and fulfilled; feeling that you never wasted the hours of the day. And for the whole month, I thought I am doing okay but I seem to fail finishing well. Have you ever felt the same thing too?

But it just dawned on me today, that’s why I have this sense of urgency to write it down. If you want to end your day well, I guess the right question to respond to is this: “How are you starting your day?” I realized that how you start your day affects your whole attitude towards the rest of the day.

Let me say it again. What you allow to happen the rest of the day is greatly influenced by how you started that particular day. Do you feel like you are letting the hours turn to waste? Always wanting for something you deserve but never getting? Ponder on this verse:

The soul (appetite) of the lazy person craves and gets nothing [for lethargy overcomes ambition],
But the soul (appetite) of the diligent [who works willingly] is rich and abundantly supplied.
Proverbs 13:4 AMP

So how to end your day well? Choose to start with the Lord and commit the success of your day. Work hard and make it a point to make progress. Know that you play a part in how your day turns out. Time gone is time lost. That is why you need to redeem your time.

Conduct yourself with wisdom in your interactions with outsiders (non-believers), make the most of each opportunity [treating it as something precious].
Colossians 4:5 AMP

Making the most of your day is always a choice. How do you want to end your day?

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