What keeps you sane in the time of quarantine?

I admit I was afloat for the last two weeks.

On the first week, you get to adjust with the uncertainty of how you should be spending the entire month without going outside. There’s actually a lot of things you can do but the idea of being confined is what keeps you from enjoying the hours you have in your hands. You are locked in your own mind. And even if you need to work, you just don’t seem to find the drive of doing your work. It actually felt like a holiday hang-over, yes?

On the second week, you get to have the hang of what it’s like to be like a caged dog. You know there’s a big world out there but you’re just not allowed to explore. All the energy pent up inside. So you try to be creative and come up with ideas on how to enjoy life within the space you are in. You try to take off some of the energy. You might have tried to spend your hours in things that keep you in the zone but are not necessarily adding value to you. Or you might have chosen to spend it on activities that increase your skill. I just wish you did the latter.

On the third week, you get to finally accept the fact that being in a quarantine is now your way of life. Either make the most of your days or waste it. Your call. But there are consequences. You just need make sure that you don’t suffer from it when all of this is over.

But for me, there’s so much at stake. I just needed to realign my priorities. The first two weeks was a period of discovery for me. I think, everything started to stabilize on the third week.

So what keeps you sane in the time of quarantine?

Work with real deadlines and pressure from your bosses.

Work keeps you grounded.

Real deadlines with real consequences kept me sane.
I realized that being in quarantine is a lazy excuse not to work and deliver.

I experienced a cut-throat adrenaline today. And maybe, I missed it.
The fear of unfulfilled potential kept me going.

How about you?

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