How to survive when it’s your first time in a particular international airport

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Observe. Airports can be confusing at times. It is important that you really pay attention to signages. If you’re having a hard time, ask. Brave it out.

Make sure whether you need to go through immigration or proceed directly to your assigned gate number (for connecting flights). If you don’t know this yet, ask the nearest information help desk you can find. Better be sure than sorry.

Look for foreign exchange. Make sure you have the right currency for your destination. Consider currencies for your layovers too.

Bring adapter. You never want to be drained out of juice in a new place. Our mobile devices really are a big help in navigating and contacting our loved ones back home. Thing is, some countries use different forms of electrical sockets than what you use in your country. So bringing an adapter will really save the day.

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