The caged turtle at Fernando’s

I found this amusing turtle during my stay in a hotel named Fernando’s. Everytime I pass by, it seems to scratch the glass walls of its aquarium, calling my attention. It’s been going on since the time I paid the turtle a visit one night, and tried to pet it. So one moment, I responded to its invitation and leaned over the aquarium, eye level. We looked at each other eye to eye. As the turtle leaned in, it seemed to tell me something as its head perked out of its shell.

And everytime the turtle perks its head up, I try to pet it but then recoils back into its shell. Whenever I withdraw, it goes back to inspect whether I am still there. It went on, back and forth. Curious turtle.

Here’s a photo of the turtle at Fernando’s:

The curious turtle at Fernando’s.

I can’t be sure if all it wants is freedom. Maybe it is. But sometimes, those in cages don’t know they’re in cages after all. They miss what could be because they think where they are is the only place they can be.

When you start going out of your comfort zone, (be it your small town, your municipality, your province), you get to realize that you are no different than the caged turtle at Fernando’s. But then, the more curious thing is this, after knowing a bigger world out there, you will have the desire of going back to where you started.

Truly, there’s no place like home.

But, going home after a life of adventure out of home makes you a new person. After knowing a lot of places you could possible go to and experiencing new things you will never do if you stayed, makes home ever more appealing.

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