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I was in a renowned coffee-shop this morning for a work-related meeting. Right after I paid for the coffee I ordered, the cashier asked me if I would like to have some stickers. I never paid much thought about what she was saying so I kindly declined with a smile. It was around 8:30 in the morning. What prompted me from my sleepy head was the bewildered response of the cashier towards my seemingly disinterest note, “Are you sure po, ayaw mo ng stickers?” The man next to me also chimed in with a shared bewilderment and apparent shock, “Ayaw mo ng stickers?”

Well, I never thought about collecting stickers today. It was not in the agenda. But the encounter made me realize that this season is an established market for loyalty merchandises. Some people are really anticipating for this season. Coffee (or the beverage of your choice) is just the excuse.

I’m not sure if the customers cared about using the planners as much as they are eager to collect them. Whatever their motivation, sticker collection is like a challenge game.

  • Task. Collect 18 stickers.
  • Requirement. Buy the beverage of your choice in all sizes from tall, grande, and venti.
  • Reward. Limited Edition 2020 Planner.

We all like games and it always feels good to finish a challenge. Having three stickers this morning felt good too.

All I could say is that it’s a good money-making business with a sure profit before the year ends.

To every collectors out there, “I wish you a merry coffee*”. And I hope you won’t just let those planners sit around and gather dust.

*Borrowed from the original tagline “We wish you a merry coffee”.

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