Embrace change*

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Change is inevitable. If you don’t feel it happening, it does not mean that it’s not happening or will never happen at all. Whether you are experiencing change in your life right now or not, it’s something you cannot deny. Like a strong force, it will wipe you out if you resist. But change favors those who choose to accept it and deal with it like a friend.

That is why it’s important to adapt to change. Adaptability also means that you embrace change. The intent of embracing the changing times is to be valuable, not just to thrive, but to transcend.

How to become better? It is important that you look into the change of your environment and iterate your ideas. This iteration is a form of refinement, where you get to adjust according to the feedback you have gained. One form of iteration is to share your ideas. It not only helps you see if your ideas are valuable but also serves as a window in building relationships.

Some don’t handle change very well because it’s something not everyone prepares for. In times of change, you need to take ownership of whatever you are accountable for and not blame other people.

Usually, when you undergo change, you become unproductive which might be rooted from your anxiety and confusion. Discomfort is also normal but you must decide for yourself not to give in and give up. In these changing times, it is important that you get enough sleep. Another good advice to follow is to reach out to friends that you deeply trust.

You should not be so absorbed in the moment of change and stop opening yourself from connecting to the world outside. Expand your world in a changing environment; reach out. In reaching out to people, you must be wary who to listen to and be careful with what thoughts you allow yourself to take in.

So why should you embrace change? Remember this promise of God to the righteous:

The way of the righteous [those in right-standing with God—living in moral and spiritual integrity] is smooth and level; O Upright One, make a level path for the just and righteous.
Isaiah 26:7 AMP

Holding onto this promise gives you an assurance of a sure footing even when you are in the times of change. So the next time you encounter change, you can look at it in the eyes and say, I am ready for you.

*Thoughts from the talk of Ms. Claire Draper on the topic Adapting to the Changing Times during the Specialized Quarterly Fellowship of Cathedral of Praise.

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