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In a particular meeting I attended where everyone are called “experts”, I noticed different types of people in the room:

The soft-spoken. These are the ones you want to listen to at first and eventually sleep into because it’s as if they communicate in a sing-song and a lullaby.

The intellect. These are the ones you really pay attention with because everything they say are so interesting you don’t want to miss a beat.

The student. They are the ones who genuinely seek for learning and they are hungry for knowledge. They are friends with everybody.

The fault finder. These are the ones who never miss a beat to find whatever goes wrong and barks at you to point it out. They also don’t want to listen that is why they raise their voice to assert power.

The story teller. They are the hopeful ones who always see the good in people. They tell themselves that these people could be their family too, so they must respect these people regardless of how the conversation is going (heated or calm).

The listener. They are learning the greater picture of the meeting because they listen to everyone and are silently judging in the process. And they connect to people they believe who are right.

The entitled. They are the ones who think that their thoughts are everything. They only think of their benefit.

The passive. They shut-off themselves especially when conflicting arguments arise in meetings. They opt to scroll through their social media feeds.

Maybe you’ve been with them in the same room. Maybe not yet. And maybe there are other kinds you know but I wasn’t able to mention. Whatever it is, I hope you’re having fun in the meetings. Have a great day.

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