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There’s nothing much to do.

You keep glancing on your screens, back and forth, hoping for a notification somewhere. You have explored all the possible apps in your phone but nothing gets your attention. You keep on switching tabs in your computer (please somebody notice me) but there’s nothing. Back to your phone, no message. Nothing.

So while you are just inside your room, you think of the world outside. Somebody, miss me.

Maybe you are lonely.

So you resort to: all-day gaming, movie bingeing, overeating, (name whatever).

There’s nothing much to do.

But maybe, all you need is to look into your situation from a different perspective. Only then will you see the opportunities that are worth your time and attention. There’s more to life than meets the eye that all you need to do is look around, then you will see.

If you feel like you’ve been spending so much time with your phone, maybe this blog post can help you understand your situation and help you make the most of your time: Having a habit of opening your social media apps first thing in the morning? (Why we keep on using them and other things we don’t openly talk about).

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