Do not settle for mediocre

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I’ve never seen a person so dedicated with her work like my colleague does. In one instance, this particular colleague got upset with me because I only made a handwritten list for the conference speakers where I could have printed them from a computer (she said there’s still time to do it). She also said that I must do the best output I can have because it’s what’s supposed to be done (always).

Personally, the time constraint for doing the printing (as well as the tedious online editing and configuring the printer) made me fret that I started to make a lot of excuses and the more I create excuses, the more I sound worse.

What I learned from the encounter are two things:

  1. When we start making excuses, it’s downhill from there.
  2. We always have a choice either to deliver the best or make excuses for not doing so.

It never feels good to be rebuked but on hindsight, I am so glad she pointed out my deed (so I could do more next time). She works tirelessly to deliver the best in everything. And with that, I am so grateful to learn from her.

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