Please and Thank You

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While at a conference, a thought came to me as I was in the confined space of an elevator. When the person whose job is to press buttons of the elevator asked me what floor would I be going, I just gave a generic “10th” for an answer and she obligingly pressed 10 as well.

It’s amazing how we teach children to be polite with other people but as adults, we often fail to do the same.

So the next time I was in the elevator again, I added a please and a thank you and sure, she gave me a genuine smile as she might not have expected such politeness throughout the day. Now I learned that it does make a difference in someone’s day to say these mundane and simple words.

Let’s make someone smile today with just a simple please and thank you.

[I wonder why there are jobs such as pressing buttons in an elevator but maybe, just maybe, they are there to keep us company if the elevator might fail to do its job.]
[Update: I was told it was for hygienic purposes.]

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